Wondering about the condition of your property? You should.

by Bryan Heake, Associate / Senior Consultant / Field Services Manager


When it comes to the condition of your building envelope, knowledge is power. It’s also much less expensive than ignorance. Whether you’re conducting periodic building maintenance or performing due diligence for a property transaction, no property condition assessment is complete without a professional, detailed survey of the building envelope.

You’ll appreciate the fact that the professionals at Curtainwall Design Consulting (CDC) are ready to help you and are experts in the science of building envelope surveys.

Periodic maintenance is indispensable.

The sooner you discover a problem in the building envelope, the less time and money you’ll spend repairing it. Periodic surveys are the secret to early detection and less expensive remediation of deteriorating conditions. In addition to conducting detailed building envelope surveys, CDC can also provide recommendations on cost-effective options for repairs.

Due diligence. Do it.    

If you’re buying or selling a property, building envelope surveys are critical; and equally critical is the expertise of the firm doing the survey. Along with CDC’s building envelope surveys for due diligence, we provide a 10-year cost projection spreadsheet which will outline the maintenance schedule required to keep the building façade weather proof.

CDC’s comprehensive building envelope surveys include the following:

• Non-destructive observations from swing staging, boom lifts or building maintenance units (BMUs), and from walking the surfaces on the roof or ground, using binoculars / magnification aids

• A comprehensive report that includes recommendations and photo-documentation of representative conditions and areas of deficiency

           • Remediation cost estimates covering 10 years


Your solution.

The largest organ in the human body is the skin, and we neglect it at our own peril. The same holds true for buildings. Take care of the part of your building that encloses it and you’ve gone a long way toward maintaining the health of the whole structure. If you need help in assessing the property condition of your building envelope, please call me at 214.234.4908  or email me at [email protected].   


About Curtainwall Design Consulting (CDC):

At CDC, our design, engineering and consulting services are dedicated to a structure’s most distinctive architectural feature: the building envelope. With more than 40 years of experience and 22 offices in eight countries, we are globally recognized for the design, engineering and consulting on some of the world’s most complex facades, roofing and waterproofing. Our clients include internationally renowned building envelope manufacturers, architects, developers, contractors and subcontractors.

Condition assessment being performed on structural gaskets and glass.


Deteriorated exterior gaskets allow excessive air and water to infiltrate the façade. Shown is the discovery of gasket deterioration.


Degraded sealant between window framing members allows excess air and water intrusion. Shown is the degraded sealant, for which CDC developed repair specifications.


A structural crack in a precast concrete panel discovered during the building envelope survey. CDC developed a long-term repair procedure to secure the panels.


Shown is bitumen migration, discovered at areas where ponding water and wind scoured gravel exposed the roofing felts. The condition allows water to migrate into the roofing system, which reduces the thermal performance and serviceable life of the system.