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CDC History

About Curtainwall Design Consulting, Inc.

CDC is a world leader in design and consulting services for state-of-the-art building envelope systems. Founded in 1973, CDC operates as a 100% Employee-owned and operated organization. Management of the Company has come from within the ranks of the staff, with over 100 design professionals who are completely and solely dedicated to design, engineering, and consulting for the building envelope.

CDC's strength comes from its Employees. With the ever-changing technology of materials and systems and as our marketplace becomes more global, CDC will equip its Employees to meet the challenges. Our goal remains to offer the best design and engineering services available in the curtain wall industry. We believe our Employees' diverse expertise is unmatched in skills and abilities to deliver innovative yet practical solutions to the exacting demands of today's architecture.

As a professional services firm, we provide design and engineering for some of the most well-known façade cladding manufacturers in the world, providing design support for established and tested systems, creating new systems, and assisting in the development of innovative new approaches to cladding execution.

As an independent consulting firm, CDC focuses on critical performance issues related to the total building envelope. We provide performance-based design details/engineering, specification writing, review of details provided by others, quality by others, and quality assurance observations for glazed aluminum systems.  These systems include curtain wall/window/window walls; stone veneer systems; skylights; metal panel systems; complex cable net and point-supported wall systems; roofing and waterproofing systems; and free-standing sculptures.

From our Dallas, Texas corporate headquarters and 22 offices that are located in the United States, Canada, Mexico, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, and the Philippines, CDC services its projects anywhere on the globe. Architects, developers, contractors, sub-contractors, and manufacturers, worldwide, routinely call on CDC for design, engineering, and consulting services for the total building envelope.

Intertech Design, Inc., founded in 1996, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Curtain Wall Design and Consulting, Inc.  Intertech provides traditional structural engineering services. Intertech has special expertise in parking structures, precast concrete, civil structures, and commercial building structures. With offices in Dallas and in Ft. Worth, Intertech personnel can collaborate with CDC Employees to offer Clients a combined package of building, structural, and curtain wall consulting.

For more information about our company or for specific project assistance, please contact us at [email protected]. A group manager or technical specialist will contact you.