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Global Design & Consulting Services

Advanced Silicone Structural Glazing

Enables narrower mullions for high performance curtainwall designs

Architect Services

We provide collaboration from the start of the design process to help eliminate problems before they become issues in construction.

Bid Review and Evaluation Services

Advice during bidding and evaluation of subcontractor's proposals, by providing technical analysis of bids, for new construction, renovation, and restoration or repairs projects.

Blower Door Capability

Pressurize large volume spaces or buildings to test for enclosure integrity against air and water penetration.

Building Enclosure Blast Design Services

Blast design services to meet GSA, DOD, or project-specific blast mitigation requirements, using current ISC and DOD design methodologies.

Building Envelope Condition Survey Services

Condition surveys to establish the ongoing serviceability of existing building envelopes.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) Services

Clash detection between facade elements and surrounding construction, and overall coordination between the structure and other trades.

Consulting Services

Balance cost with performance. Proactively avoid failures through our expert design and technical resources.

Design Services

We develop workable details to meet project technical requirements for a wide range of cladding systems that assure excellent performance.

Diagnostic Analysis Services

Observation and diagnostic testing to determine causes of unwanted air and water infiltration; condensation and/or frost formation; undesirable in-service noise; and failing elements.

Drafting Services

Total drafting package services to building facade subcontractors in the U.S. and around the world.

Engineering Services

Providing experience-based engineering services since 1973 that eliminate problems before they become issues on the job site.

Exterior Expansion Assemblies

Assistance and consulting for the successful integration of exterior expansion assemblies into the larger building envelope.

Extreme Weather Condition Assessment

CDC can conduct detailed assessments of the Building Enclosure to determine necessary storm-related repairs as well as general maintenance items that need to be addressed.

Facade Inspections

Curtain Wall Design & Consulting, Inc. is the largest independent exterior facade design and consulting firm in the United States. We specialize in all types of facade design, inspection, documentation and execution using the latest technologies to address our client’s needs.

Field Testing Services

Air infiltration and water penetration resistance testing for both on-site building facade mock-ups and facade systems in their final, installed state.

Icing Formation Analysis

Assess potential issues and recommend possible design revisions, material selections, or heat-trace elements to mitigate such hazardous conditions.

Laboratory Mock-up Services

Validate your system design through a laboratory mock-up and in-depth assistance.

LEED Services

LEED Accredited Professionals (LEED AP) architects, engineers, and designers have demonstrated their knowledge and understanding of "green" building practices and principles.

Litigation Support Services

CDC has developed an exceptional working relationship with many legal firms across the nation. CDC's expertise in building envelope systems contributes to the support of legal actions involving system failures, technical interpretations, and contract issues.

Peer Review Services

Review, analysis, and evaluations of all your architectural documents, shop drawings, and submittals.

Recladding and Remediation

Full complement of design consulting, detailing, and technical specification writing services for the remediation or full replacement of exterior facades, roofing, and waterproofing systems

Roofing Services

Anticipate and resolve issues in the specification and detailing stages so that they do not become problems during and after installation.

Site Observation Services

Ensure quality and reporting during construction with site observations.

Solar Reflectivity Studies

Traditional building facade design takes into account sunlight/natural daylight that passes through transparent areas of the facade.

Stone Sourcing Services

In addition to design consulting, engineering and drafting for natural stone cladding projects, CDC offers full stone sourcing services to owners, architects and contractors.

Thermal Imaging Services

Identify and diagnose building envelope performance problems using advanced InfraRed (IR) thermography.

Thermal Modeling Services

Define design parameters during project documentation phases or diagnose condensation/frost formation after facade system installation.

Waterproofing Services

Waterproofing consulting and services from design to construction to remediation.

NYC Services

FISP - Facade Inspections

What is the FISP law (NYC Local Law 11)?

New York City’s “Façade Inspection Safety Program” (FISP), also known as Local Law 11, requires that owners of buildings taller than six stories retain a professional to inspect the exterior walls and file a report with the city in five-year cycles

Historic Facade Restoration

CDC understands the importance of our built heritage, and we take pride in helping property owners maintain their historical buildings. CDC’s diverse staff has the experience and expertise to assist with the assessment and remediation of historical structures. Our team can:

NYC Parking Garage Inspections

Parking garages should be examined regularly by a qualified professional who can identify areas of deterioration and provide recommendations for remediation. In fact, in some cities such as New York, these examinations are required by law (see below).

NYC Special Inspections

As an accredited Special Inspection agency in New York City, CDC has experience performing Special Inspections for various project types, from high-rise curtain wall installations to existing building remediation work. CDC is qualified to perform the following Special Inspections:

Parapet Wall Examinations

Parapets are short walls around the perimeter of a roof that provide fall protection and are sometimes intended to stop the spread of fire between buildings. Because these walls are exposed to the elements on both sides, they are often subjected to extreme weathering.