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Balance Cost With Performance

Facade cladding can represent 20% of construction costs on new projects. Engaging a specialist consultant during cladding design increases your success in achieving design, budget, and performance targets.

Proactively Avoid Failures

Facade cladding failures are a leading cause of building construction problems and claims after construction is completed. Bringing an expert into your Design Team early in the design process helps avoid cladding design deficiencies. CDC's consultants quickly pinpoint problem areas and resolve technical issues before they become building failures.

Expert Design

Building cladding technology changes rapidly. New materials, finishes, and systems are constantly being introduced to the designer's palette, and require careful evaluation prior to application to your project. CDC's in-depth involvement with your project's evolution helps you balance the pros and cons to make expedient and prudent choices.

Technical Resources

CDC's experience with alternative design solutions, applied to hundreds of projects, increases your opportunity to develop a cladding design that "works" for the life of the building. CDC provides decisive and definitive answers to your toughest technical questions.

Conflict of Interest

CDC gives you an honest, independent answer with the best solution for your unique project. Answers obtained from curtain wall fabricators, suppliers, and installers can be influenced by sales, product availability, plant capacity or other limits. CDC provides information that considers the best interests of your client and your project.