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Project Description

This 20-foot wide, eight-story building is clad in 63 textured tombasil panels, a white bronze alloy. The sculptural facade is the product of a manual fabrication process. The panels were cast by pouring molten metal directly into gated forms on the concrete floor of the foundry. The faceted panels appear stone-like and metallic at the same time and create different visual effects, catching the light of the sun. Awarded the 2003 AIA National Honor Award, the 2003 World Architecture Award for Best Building in the World, and the 2001 Municipal Art Society New York City Masterwork Award.

Scope of Services

CDC worked with Custom Metalcrafters and Erectors, engineering and detailing the tombasail panel systems and the metal stub back-up systems. CDC also provided engineering and detailing on the ornamental pyramid skylight.