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Project Description

A unique feature of the design of this sculpture garden was an integrated, curved glass roof and tension structure that allows the interior galleries to be filled with natural light. The skylight consists of steel bar rafters with stainless steel tension rods, transferring loads back to the building structure. Custom cast light diffusers were installed to top of skylight for optimization of natural daylight to the interior. Large lites of curved, insulated, laminated glass were interfaced with gutters designed to transfer rain water off the skylight configuration to concealed downspouts. Vertical end curtain walls were also developed from steel mullions to minimize wall profiles.

Scope of Services

CDC was the consultant on a full scale mock-up specimen of the custom roof gutter system that provided verification of the design and training for installation by an international team of glaziers from Texas and Italy. CDC also provided peer reviews of the structural design elements of the project and on-site field testing and observation of installation. After project completion, CDC provided solar reflectivity services for Nasher. The scope of the services was to determine the temperature increase on the turf surface caused by highly reflective glass installed on a more recently constructed neighboring building.