Recladding and Remediation

CDC applies its full complement of design consulting, detailing, and technical specification writing services for remediation or full replacement of exterior facades, roofing and waterproofing systems. Our remedial/recladding experience encompasses historic preservation, curtain wall system repairs, window replacement, skylight repairs, masonry repairs or replacement, EIFS repair or replacement, stone anchor redesign & engineering, and sealant restoration/replacement for private, public, and institutionally-owned buildings.


CDC provides:

  • Preliminary investigation and testing of existing systems and building structure prior to execution of remediation or recladding design
  • Review of architect's design documents
  • Review of exterior window washing attachment to the facade
  • Thermal analysis of exterior facade or roof systems
  • Evaluation and recommendation of materials and finished, system type/design theory, sealants and code requirements
  • Detail development and drafting for incorporation into design documents
  • Preparation of bid documents, and analysis of bid packages after bidding
  • Review and comment on procedures and construction sequencing
  • Review of subcontractor shop drawings and technical submittals for conformance with design intent
  • Observation of repairs or new system installation, including reporting
  • Field testing for structural performance, resistance to water penetration, and air infiltration