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CDC has developed exceptional working relationships with many architectural firms across the United States and around the world. Based on our reputation for experience and expertise in exterior building facade systems, Owners and Architects routinely engage CDC early in the design of a project. This collaboration from the start of the design process helps eliminate problems before they become issues in construction.

Preliminary Design Input

In the early stages of any project, CDC reviews Schematic Architectural drawings that pertain to the building envelope design and provides recommendations concerning the various envelope systems under consideration.

CDC meets with the Architect's Design Team to review performance and design parameters and/or constraints and formulate design strategies that capitalize on these project-specific conditions.

CDC develops technical specification sections for building facade systems; generates typical cladding details for support framing and joinery; and advises regarding the need for a laboratory test mock-up, its scope, and appropriate test criteria.

Submittal Review

CDC reviews shop drawings, structural calculations, and technical data submissions for compliance with Contract Documents, highlighting areas of technical weaknesses and issues that should be addressed prior to proceeding with construction.

Project Observation

CDC provides quality assurance visits to the construction site to observe the building envelope installation process. We make observations and file field reports with the Client, which include a photographic log detailing observations made. When required, our field observation reports and photo logs may be used to obtain the longest warranty periods offered by manufacturers.

Observation of Field Water Testing

CDC specifies and observes field water testing, including a full, formal report of observations and recommendations based on the results of the test.