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Parapets are short walls around the perimeter of a roof that provide fall protection and are sometimes intended to stop the spread of fire between buildings. Because these walls are exposed to the elements on both sides, they are often subjected to extreme weathering. As a result, they can deteriorate faster than other elements of the facade and are often neglected until they fall apart and become safety hazards.

In New York City (per 1 RCNY §103-15), parapets that front a public right-of-way must be inspected every year by a qualified person, such as an architect or engineer from CDC, to determine their stability. Our team can help property owners comply with the city’s requirements by:

  • Performing a visual examination of the parapet walls to assess their stability.
  • Creating a report summarizing the wall’s condition and recommended repairs, if applicable.
  • Designing remediation repairs, if applicable.
  • Serving as Application of Record or consultant for the repair work.