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CDC uses a Retrotec™ blower door with variable frequency drive (VFD) to pressurize large volume spaces or buildings to test for enclosure integrity against air and water penetration. With this equipment CDC can:

  • Check the building envelope against airtightness standards using ASTM E779 procedures
  • Simulate wind-driven rain penetration on hard to reach areas, such as large skylights,high walls, and other locations without building a special chamber normally required for this type of testing (ASTM E1105)
  • Measure assembly air leakage and water penetration on large or complex on-site preconstruction mock-ups using ASTM and AAMA procedures
  • Conduct more effective infrared (IR) imaging surveys by inducing air flow into or out of the exterior envelope (ASTM E1186). Smoke can also be used to visually show the transfer of air in and out of a building envelope