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CDC performs condition surveys to establish the ongoing serviceability of existing building envelopes. We are experienced in evaluating all types and ages of facades, from those that are historically significant, to ones that are recently completed. Our team will:

  • Evaluates the condition of the exterior building enclosure, via:
    • Observation from the ground, from aerial personnel lifts (provided by others), and/or from accessible roof levels.
    • Review of existing Architectural drawings and shop drawing documents, if available.
    • Review of previous condition studies reports or other relevant Client documents.
  • Examines the exterior facade including curtain wall, windows, storefronts, panels, precast granite, marble, brick, caulking, and other building elements for deterioration and performance issues.
  • Prepares a detailed, written, photographic report of observations.

After building envelope condition is established, CDC:

  • Develops procedural recommendations, details, and specifications for repair/remediation.
  • Performs bid review and contract administration for Quality assurance during the repair cycle.
  • Provides site observations and written photographic reports.