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In addition to design consulting, engineering and drafting for natural stone cladding projects, CDC offers full stone sourcing services to owners, architects and contractors. We can identify economical, aesthetically acceptable, and structurally sound material options, and assist in its procurement for architectural stone cladding applications.

CDC Provides

  • Researches and samples natural stone from worldwide quarries.
  • Evaluates stone quarry and fabricator capabilities.
  • Develops budget pricing for material acquisition and cladding installation.
  • Establishes preconstruction stone testing and observation protocol.
  • Suggests value-enhancing stone material alternatives and technical detailing options.
  • Observes stand-up slab mockup, and coordinates record samples.
  • Coordinates full-scale pre-fabrication visual mockup at stone fabrication facility.
  • Reviews contract drawings, shop drawings and calculations.
  • Performs subcontractor design peer reviews.
  • Observes material fabrication for aesthetic and structural conformance.
  • Establishes production stone testing protocol, and observe testing.
  • Reviews and comments on field workmanship mockup.
  • Observes stone cladding installation on project site for conformance with design requirements.