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Parking garages should be examined regularly by a qualified professional who can identify areas of deterioration and provide recommendations for remediation. In fact, in some cities such as New York, these examinations are required by law (see below). CDC is experienced with examining and diagnosing issues with existing parking garages. Our team can:

  • Visually evaluate the condition of the parking garage.
  • Coordinate with a contractor to investigate via probes and/or testing, when required.
  • Review previous conditions reports and records of past repairs.
  • Prepare a detailed written report of observations, with recommendations for repair.

After a determination of the parking garage condition is established, CDC can:

  • Develop procedural recommendations, details, and specifications for repair/remediation.
  • Serve as Applicant of Record for the repairs campaign (availability may vary by region).
  • Perform bid review and contract administration for quality assurance during the repair campaign.
  • Provide site observations and written photographic reports.
  • Create conditions reports that comply with local municipality regulations.

NYC Local Law 126

In 2021, New York City enacted Local Law 126/1 RCNY § 103-16, requiring that vehicular parking structures in the city’s five boroughs be inspected every six years. This rule applies to open air parking structures, as well as those located below a building. However, the rule does not apply to auto repair shops, garages with less than three cars, outdoor surface parking lots, or private garages for 1- or 2-family homes.

Each six-year inspection cycle is divided into three sub-cycles (A, B, and C), which are assigned to a property based on its location. Parking structures must be inspected by a QPSI (Qualified Parking Structure Inspector), a professional engineer who has been certified by the Department of Buildings (DOB) to perform the inspections. After inspection, the QPSI must classify the observed conditions and file a report with the DOB. Depending on the classification of the conditions, property owners may be required to perform repairs. Failure to file a report or perform required repairs may result in violations and fines from the city.

CDC’s experienced engineers are certified to perform these inspections, and can assist property owners with repairs and remediation.