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CDC'S Waterproofing Design Services

  • Systems and Material Selection
  • Performance Criteria Development
  • Specification Writing
  • System Detailing
  • Shop Drawings Preparation
  • Integration with Exterior Expansion Assemblies and other Building Envelope Systems
  • Coordination with Overburden Systems
  • Thermal Analysis
  • ASTM D5957 and observe EFVM (Electric Field Vector Mapping) Water Testing and Water Detection Systems

CDC'S Waterproofing Construction Phase Services

  • Shop Drawing and Technical Submittal Review
  • On-site observation and reporting for quality assurance
  • Comprehensive Maintenance Programs
  • Remedial Design and Bid Packages


Protecting below-grade structures and spaces from water penetration and contaminants, and integrating below-grade waterproofing systems with other building envelope systems are important elements of a successful project. CDC possesses the depth of understanding required for the successful integration of below-grade waterproofing systems into the larger building envelope.


When occupied space is located below a Plaza deck, a leak is often not realized until significant damage has been done. CDC has the experience and knowledge to develop performance-driven plaza deck and other types of above-grade waterproofing systems that provide long-term protection of interior spaces below these design features.