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Any building, regardless of age, can be subject to poor performance of the building envelope. CDC provides observation and diagnostic testing to determine causes of unwanted air and water infiltration; condensation and/or frost formation; undesirable in-service noise; and failing glass, stone, brick, sealants, or other elements.

CDC diagnoses performance issues:

  • Establishes probable cause of poor performance, via:
    • Observation from the ground, from aerial personnel lifts or swing stages (provided by others), and/or from accessible roof levels.
    • Review of existing architectural drawings, and shop drawing documents if available
    • Review of previous condition studies, reports, or other relevant Client documents
  • Performs a range of tests and/or soundings, and (if justified) observe limited disassembly in the vicinity of a failure, to further clarify the mode of failure.
  • Prepares a detailed, written, photographic report of observations and findings.

After mode of failure is established, CDC:

  • Develops procedural recommendations, details and specifications for repair/remediation.
  • Performs bid review and contract administration for quality assurance during the repair cycle.
  • Provides site observations and written photographic reports as part of field quality assurance program during repair.