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CDC has developed an exceptional working relationship with many legal firms across the nation. CDC's expertise in building envelope systems contributes to the support of legal actions involving system failures, technical interpretations, and contract issues.

Litigation services we provide

Preliminary Investigation and Testing

  • Review existing construction documents and/or shop drawings to determine inherent defects in design, as well as possible causes of failure
  • Identify potential areas of failure and determine locations for diagnostic and/or destructive testing
  • Perform or arrange for testing to support investigation.
  • Review discoverable materials related to the building envelope systems
  • Outline or comprehensive reports stating observations and discoveries made during document review

Observe and Witnessing of Destructive/Non-Destructive Testing

  • Specify appropriate testing procedures to evaluate failure models
  • Formal report of observations of testing

Expert Presentation

  • Written or audio-visual presentations
  • Develop images of impacted areas
  • Statement of observations and discoveries
  • Expert opinion of failure modes and impacts
  • Testimony and Deposition